Miracle Happened at Stage 4

I experienced goosebumps as Tjoe Tjay Huan recounted her cancer-fighting journey to me. This lady, affectionately known as Wanda by her friends and family, was no ordinary survivor. In fact, she was a fighter who survived Breast Cancer Stage 4.

Now, looking radiant, Wanda confessed that she nearly gave up on her treatment. Her young children was the main reason she changed her mind. Her friends reminded her that her kids needed their mom. It was only then that she set her mind straight and came back for treatment.

By that time, her breast was swollen due to her temporary reluctance in receiving treatment. However, much to her surprise, the tumour shrank by 75% after 5 cycles of chemotherapy. With this, her determination to fight cancer grew stronger than ever. She was positive that she could make it through. She diligently underwent the treatment plan recommended by Dr Rakesh Raman. After an operation, 4 cycles of chemotherapy and 20 fractions of radiation, her prayer was finally answered. She was given an ‘all-clear’.

 “I really believe it’s all in the mind,” Wanda said. “Miracle only comes with faith, you’ve got to get up and you’ve got to walk through it.” She had many kind words for the hospital, but the one that stuck in my mind was the catchy “doctor baik, staf baik, semua baik” which translates to “doctor is good, staff is good, everything is good.”

written by Priscillia Yuen, Community Relations