Should I Stretch Before or After I Exercise? 

9th August 2017, Physiotherapist Murna, Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

You should stretch before exercise.

The purpose of stretching before exercise is to help prevent injury.

You should stretch after exercise.

The purpose of stretching after exercise:

― After any strenuous activity, i.e. weight lifting, causes a small micro tear to the soft tissues.  These small rips and tears are what force the muscles to grow when they begin the process of repairing themselves. 

― Stronger tissue replaces the damaged tissue, which often causes soreness up to 48 hours of exercising.

 This is called DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

― Stretching helps release the tension and prevents the muscles from becoming tight.

― Post-workout stretching session affords you a second chance to increase flexibility and range of motion around the joints.