Four Simple Tips To Keep A Good Posture 

4th October 2017, Physiotherapist Murna, Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

Good posture simply means that you are always aware of how you hold yourself in a way that puts the least strain on your muscles and bones. A bad or poor posture happens when you put uneven stress on your bones, muscles and ligaments.

1. If you are carrying a young infant on one hip, you must jut out that hip to increase support to the extra weight.

2. If you have a wallet or cell phone in your back pocket all the time, it tends to tilt your hip and the rest of your body to one side whenever you are sitting.

3. Carrying a heavy purse, laptop bag, or backpack on one shoulder may cause you to lean to one side to support the weight while sticking your hip out on the other side the counterbalance it.

4. Do not to lean your head downwards when you are using your phone.