World Class Achievement

Mr Lum Liang Soo, Top Radiotherapy Planners Award 2017

Among 1600 planners from more than 93 different countries registered in this year’s Radiotherapy Plan Competition, Top Planners Award, one Malaysian has risen above the others and made everyone proud. This Malaysian is none other than our Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital’s Head of Physics, Mr Lum Liang Soo.

Lum is the only Malaysian to be in the top 70, Top Planners Award, recognized by International Atomic Energy Agency. He is the world’s second best radiotherapy planner using the Accuray-Tomotherapy planning system. Despite his fantastic achievements, Lum stay humble and grateful. The Head of Medical Physics is grateful to his team’s support which allowed him to focus on the competition. “Our department was very busy due to very high load of TOMO IMRT plans during the period of time, but the team supported me well.”

According to Lum, it is the Clinical Oncologists in Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital who guided him to be always at the top level in every planning he does. “Oncologists’ high demand on the plan quality is one of the main factors that push all of us, as medical physicists, to plan every treatment with excellence.”

Lum would like to thank his medical physics team, oncologists and the hospital for giving him the chance to gain his experience and knowledge. “Without them this will not happen.”

Congratulations to you, Mr Lum Liang Soo!