Blueberry Milkshake with Oral Nutritional Supplement

26th November 2018, Dietitian Marcus Lee, Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

When do I take oral nutritional supplement?

There is no specific time that is best for taking oral nutritional supplements and you can decide the timing that suits you best. Try to take the full amount that has been prescribed for you.

Most people find it best to take their oral nutritional supplement between mealtimes so they do not affect their appetite for meals. Some people prefer to sip the beverage throughout the day, others take it as a bedtime snack.

Unless you have been advised by your dietitian or doctor to add oral nutritional supplements to your meals, you should avoid taking them with or just before meals. You may feel full if taken oral nutritional supplement too close to mealtimes and may reduce the amount of normal food you can manage.

Oral nutritional supplement can be used as meal replacement when you are having difficulties to swallowing normal food. You may have been told by your dietitian or doctor to consume a liquid diet only. When you need to take oral nutritional supplement as meal replacement or liquid diet, please follow the prescribed amount by your dietitian in order to provide adequate energy and protein to your body.

Oral nutritional supplements should be stored in a cool dry place before opening. For oral nutritional supplements in liquid form, most taste better chilled. Once opened, they must be consumed within 4 hours or kept in the fridge for maximum 24 hours.

For oral nutritional supplements in powder form, please make sure you close tightly the container once opened. Once you have mixed the powder with water, consume the beverage within 3 – 4 hours under room temperature. Do not mix the powder with hot water.

Ingredients (for 2 servings):

Frozen blueberry, 250g

Honey, 2 tablespoons

Oral nutritional supplement (powder), vanilla flavour, 10 scoop

Ice-cold water, 200ml



Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Pour into glasses and serve immediately.