Solidarity Initiative in support of Penang General Hospital

Lending a Hand to Combat COVID-19

As the public healthcare workers are doing their best to fight COVID-19 at the frontline, Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital has offered its facilities and services to Penang General Hospital (PGH) by taking some burden of care off the public healthcare frontliners who are now working selflessly around the clock for the nation.

We are in close contact with Ministry of Health (MOH) to support PGH with their oncology patients – so that they can clear their ward and nursing staff to focus on COVID19 cases and we take care of their cancer patients for them.  In our outreach to PGH, we are offering 20 beds for PGH Oncology Dept which can be escalated to 25 beds, if necessary.  Mount Miriam is on standby to receive PGH cancer patients at any time.  

We are in this COVID19 crisis together – PGH is the referral hospital for COVID19 patients and Mount Miriam is the referral hospital for cancer care.  So let’s work together to support one another, to share our resources, in our area of expertise! 

God bless our public healthcare frontliners as we stay strong together, stay united, and #stayathome to emerge safe and resilient during this time.

– Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital is open and our services for cancer patients will continue as usual during this period. This includes supporting needy cancer patients through our Needy Cancer Patient Fund. We understand that in this challenging times, many of us are facing financial concerns and difficulties. This only means our Mission is all the more so crucial, and we vow to provide the love and care to all cancer patients. Let’s leave no one behind and go through this together. Thank you all for your kind donations and support. –