Why Second Opinion is Important for Cancer Treatment?

We understand that getting the news can be daunting.

Most cancer patients do not proceed with getting a second opinion before starting their treatment even though it is very crucial. Why? Some patients feel pressured to start right away and do not want to delay their treatment. Others are worried that getting a second opinion might offend their doctor. However, most doctors would encourage second opinion. When it comes to a serious illness such as cancer; nothing should get in the way of you getting the treatment with the highest success rate that offers you peace of mind going forward.

Here are the reasons why getting a second opinion is important:

1. Reassurance on what is the best treatment for you.

Sometimes, a second opinion is important not because it offers you another option, but a reassurance of what is best for you. It gives you peace of mind. The confidence level of a patient is important especially during the long journey of treatment. The more positive and confident the patient is, the higher the change for good outcome compared to a patient who is often skeptical and anxious.

2. Other treatment options.

Second opinion allows you to explore other treatment options. If the first opinion creates more anxiety rather than peace, then you should explore other options. Vast research together with advanced technology has improved cancer treatment for patients year after year. With the advancement of technology, now patients have more choices than ever before.

3. Better clarification.

Sometimes, you might have trouble understanding or communicating with your current doctor. Perhaps you have some concerns that your doctor is not able to fully clarify. You may want your options and concerns explained by another doctor to ensure you make the right decision for yourself.

4. Find the team of medical experts you are most comfortable with.

Getting a second opinion allows you the opportunity to find the oncologist and team that you are most comfortable with. This is the team that will be fighting alongside with you throughout your journey. You need to know you are with someone you can trust and rely on.

5. Access to clinical trials.

Clinical trials are researches on new drugs. Different hospitals / medical facilities may offer different clinical trials. Getting a second opinion might open up new opportunities that may not be available in your initial medical facility.

Getting a second opinion is as simple as 1, 2 , 3. Click here to read more.