Youth Gives

Caring Through Music 2018

In aid of Paediatric Needy Cancer Patient Fund

Youth Gives

Youth Gives is a project by Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital which started since last year to create a platform for children and young adolescents to show their support and care for the sick. This project shows that anyone from all ages can do their part to support through various forms. Our Chief Executive Officer, Ms Joan Lim-Choong said, “We are a Mission with a hospital, and that mission is our shared mission with the community. Only together, that we can defeat cancer.” 

This year, Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital is partnering Charles & Friends, a group of young, musically talented and altruistic youths to organize a concert to raise funds for needy paediatric patients.

Charles & Friends

A group of young, musically talented and altruistic youths commits themselves to a charity concert in order to raise funds for paediatric cancer patients. They have decided to come together and be philanthropists by performing their musical talents on stage and donate the funds raised through sponsorship and ticket selling to Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital.

Charles & Friends are a group of friends who have gotten to know each other through their shared passion in music. Each and every one of them is musically talented, either in vocal or musical instruments such as the piano, ukulele, cello, viola, harp, drum and bagpipes. Their excellent mastery in their own field is guided not only by their dedication and perseverance in mastering it. Some have won acclaimed awards, both locally and internationally. This group of youth have actively participated in music competitions, public performances and concerts.

As they are going to leave school soon to pursue their further studies and career, they are eager to come together and use their talents to contribute to the society and Penang, “It’s never too young to give back to society”.

Who are Charles & Friends?

Charles Gunn

Grand Prize Winner of the 3rd Steinway Malaysia Youth Piano Competition and represented Malaysia to the 3rd Steinway Regional Final Youth Piano Competition Asia Pacific 2016.

Who are Charles & Friends?

Jack Lim

Team Malaysia 2017 to the 21st World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Long Beach, California and won 2 Champion World Awards, 3 Gold and 3 Silver medals.

Who are Charles & Friends?

Bryan Lu

Champion of Penang Musical Ukulele Talent Competition 2015 and performed alongside various international ukulele celebrities, Kyas (Japan), Feng Ee (Taiwan) and Sydney (Thailand).

Joshua Lau

Intermediate Category 1st Runner-Up, 1st Malaysia, China and Korea International Friendship Piano Open Competition 2017

Maegan Ang

Awarded Trinity College London High Scorer’s winner concert for piano solo. Proficient in piano, viola, vocal and ballet.

Carine Soon

Obtained ABRSM High Scorers’ Award in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for Grade 5, 6 and 7 Vocal. Champion of Penang Classical Songs Vocal Competition 2015 and 2016.

Khoo Shi Min

Proficient in piano, clarinet and cello. Participated in competitions like MIMAF, 春雷 and 国油杯 with CLPHS Chinese Orchestra. A member of Zero Orchestra. Performed for Drumantics Halloween Concert in 2015.

Olivia Wong

Awarded ABRSM High Scorers’ Award for Harp in 2016. Performed at Harp Festival “Harpes Au Max” in France and performed in “Pluck” Harp Musical in Singapore and Hong Kong. Proficient in harp, piano, vocal and ballet.

St Xavier’s Band

Afnan, Michael, Azrul, Jordan, Alieff, Davian & Bravin, The Corps of Pipes and Drums of the St Xavier’s Institution Marching Band Champion of the Merdeka Parade in 2013, 2015 and 2016.

PG Inclusion Orchestra

The PIO is formed and conducted under the tutelage of Mr Chin Gin Khee. He graduated as a Bachelor of Physic from the Chinese Cultural University of Taiwan in 1993 & furthered his studies at Thames Valley University in London where he received another music degree in 1995.

SJK(C) Hun Bin Choir

The club performed several times in Penang Musical Festival and represented Penang in national level competitions. Over the years, the club has enjoyed great success by winning the overall champion in state level competitions (2007, 2011) and Gold in national level competition (2015).

How to Support the Children?

1. Purchase Tickets (RM100 per ticket)

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– Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital (04-8923875)

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