MD (Unimas), Master of Clinical Oncology (UM), Fellowship in Clinical Oncology (Houston, USA)

Dr. Cheah grew up in Penang. He received his MD education at Unimas in 2003, graduating with Master of Clinical Oncology from UM in 2012.

He worked as an intern with Sarawak General Hospital in several specialities including General Medicine, Orthopaedics, Obsterics & Gynaecology. He then served 2 years in the Radiotherapy and Oncology Department before joining Hospital Seberang Jaya in General Surgery. Subsequently, he worked in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital as a Master Trainee and later, as a Clinical Oncologist. He returned to Penang in 2013 and served as a Clinical Oncologist in Penang Hospital before coming over to Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital.

He is gazetted as a specialist under the Ministry of Health and registered under the National Specialist Register. He was involved in various clinical research activities, including as an independent expert on the Malaysian Research and Ethics Committee. He has presented in various local and national meetings.

Post-specialization, he received further training in IMRT / IGRT and completed a fellowship in Clinical Oncology at one of the leading centres in cancer research and treatment at Texas Medical Centre, Houston, USA. He has experience in managing adult solid tumours with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Dr. Cheah’s main interest is in stereotactic body radiotherapy techniques for various sites especially lung and prostate.