Message from Chief Executive Officer

Ms Joan Lim-Choong

Chief Executive Officer

For us at Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital, we thank God for the Mission that we have been entrusted with by the FMDM sisters – to bring God’s healing presence and serve all cancer patients who come to us with compassion, respect and integrity, regardless of race, religion or financial status.  We may not be a big hospital but we have a BIG mission!

What is good cancer care?  Good cancer care is ultimately about TRUST, COMMUNICATION & HOLISTIC CARE.  Holistic care involves the expertise of honest professionals and clinically-proven usage of latest modalities, latest drugs and state-of-the-art radiation technology such as CyberKnife and TomoTherapy

Good cancer care comes with commitment to excellence and compassion.  We cannot do without our dedicated team of Consultant Oncologists and faithful team of 150 staff and professionals who strive to give their best every time, all the time… so that Mount Miriam continues to be a place of hope and healing for patients to fight cancer with hope and dignity.

Our commitment is to stay humble and relevant.  The FMDM Sisters started this more than 40 years ago and we remain steadfast to serve to meet the growing needs.  With our Needy Cancer Patient Fund, we will never reject those who need cancer treatment but cannot afford. 

To our donors and benefactors, volunteers and partners, we appreciate your continuous support and generosity towards Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital’s vision and mission. It is only with your giving, that we are able to do what we do, and do it with God’s love, joy and strength.  In God we trust.

God bless you,

Joan Lim-Choong, CEO