Roche & Mount Miriam Cares Program

Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital is proud to announce the Mount Miriam-Roche Cares Program (MMCP) to provide Breast Cancer patients with affordable targeted treatment with immediate effect from 1st March 2019. Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital is committing RM1million of Needy Cancer Patient Fund to help 20 eligible breast cancer patients with HER-2 positive treatment.

Needy Patient only pays RM2,100 per cycle* of the targeted therapy instead of RM8,900 per cycle.  Savings of 75% per cycle.


* Terms & conditions:

– Effective Date: 1st March 2019- 29th February 2020

– First come first serve basis

– Additional medications are not included

– Hospitalization / Critical care are not included

Mount Miriam-Roche Cares Program
Free chemo port by Vygon

Free Chemo Port by Vygon

With the support of our healthcare partner, Vygon, our Hospital is able to provide free chemo port services to deserving and fitting patients. A chemotherapy port is a small device that is implanted under the skin to allow accessible and portable chemotherapy treatment.*

* terms & conditions apply

– for patients under “NEEDY CANCER PATIENT FUND”

– effective from January 2019