Physiotherapy for Cancer Patients

Physiotherapy for Cancer Patients

Move right, Stay bright 

Physiotherapy may not be the first healthcare field that comes to mind when a person is diagnosed with cancer. Usually the oncologists, radiologists, surgeons and nurses are the primary healthcare professionals to treat them. However, along the treatment process, patients undergo many difficulties like pain, decreased cardio-respiratory fitness, reduced quality of life, cancer related fatigue, suppressed immune system and psychological problems. This is where a physiotherapist comes in.

How does Physiotherapy helps you?

It’s a myth to say that Physiotherapy only involves exercise. In reality, Physiotherapy provides a wide range of services like pain relief for musculo-skeletal conditions, treat respiratory conditions (i.e. chesty lungs), strengthens muscles and joints with the right exercise and treat children and older people with deformities, coordination problem and difficulty in walking and balancing.

Role of Physiotherapist

At Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital, physiotherapy plays the role of a support health care to treat patients diagnosed with cancer. We help them restore their physical strength during and after chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Why physiotherapy is important for cancer patients?

Physiotherapy is clinically effective and can help improve quality of life

Physiotherapy reduces future health complications, improves body image and an individual’s ability to return to work.

Some cancer treatments can reduce bone quality leading to osteoporosis and increased risk of fragility fractures. Physiotherapy can reduce bone loss and the likelihood of falls in patients with poor bone density. Patients with cancer may present with problems managing pain – physical, psychological and spiritual in nature. Pain can lead to further disability as a consequence and therefore increase length of hospital stay. Physiotherapy has been shown to reduce the length of inpatient stays and better quality of life.

Physiotherapy for Cancer Patients

Physiotherapists use a range of:

non-invasive, drug-free techniques

  • to relieve pain
  • restore movement
  • to restore strength and flexibility of muscles and joints
  • prevent or minimize secondary complications

Physio Services include:

  • Pain relief techniques (TENS machine)
  • Suitable Exercise Program (Muscle stretching, strengthening and functional activities)
  • Cardio-respiratory Care
  • Physio Consultation
  • Patient Education