Optimum medication options, and the finest reconstitution of cytotoxic drugs, for the best treatment outcome and safe healing course

Our Pharmacy team will take care of your medication needs as prescribed by clinical oncologists, and reconstitution of cytotoxic drugs for chemotherapy treatment. Our pharmacists are experienced professionals in the oncology field. They are well-trained in reconstituting the cytotoxic drugs for chemotherapy treatment.

Our pharmacists are on-call 24-hours as they will be available to competently administer and dispense medications when needed.

Gribbles Pathology Laboratory

Providing healthcare professionals with ‘First in Class & Best in Class’ diagnostic tests to improve our community’s health and well-being

Gribbles Pathology Malaysia‘s laboratory testing plays a crucial role in detection, diagnosis and cancer treatment management. Gribbles’s team of Medical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians examine and analyze blood and other body fluids utilizing state of the art equipment to provide a vast volume of information to enable your doctors to prescribe appropriate treatments. This is to ensure that our patients receive the best treatment and also to monitor the treatment progress. Gribbles Pathology is committed to provide high quality services and continuous quality improvements. This is achieved through quality audits and accreditation.