What is Hospice Care?

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Hospice Care is a specialized type of medical care focused on providing comfort and support to individuals facing terminal illnesses such as late-stage cancer. Our primary goal is to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients with pain management, symptom relief, pastoral care which includes emotional and spiritual support, and addressing the needs of both the patient and their loved ones.

At Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital, we recognize the significance of Hospice Care and the challenges faced by patients and their families during this stage of the cancer journey. Therefore, we are committed in offering subsidized hospice care to patients through our Cancer Welfare Fund.

Hospice care is supported through funding from the Cancer Welfare Fund at Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital, available for Malaysians seeking assistance.

Who qualifies for the Hospice Care supported by the Welfare Fund at Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital?

Malaysian cancer patients are eligible for admission to Hospice Care, which is funded by the Cancer Welfare Fund.

Per Malaysian law, the approved Cancer Welfare Fund is designated exclusively to subsidize or fund cancer care for Malaysian citizens.

How can cancer patients be admitted for Hospice Care?

Referral Letter from Your Doctor
Patients can gain admission as hospice patients by way of a referral from their physician.

Schedule a Consultation
Alternatively, patients also have the option to schedule an appointment with our doctor for consultation and subsequent admission to our hospice ward.

What care services are included in Hospice Care?

Holistic Care

End-of-Life Care

Pain Management

Spiritual Support

Relief for Caregivers

Bereavement Support

How does MMCH Cancer Welfare Fund receive its funding?

The Cancer Welfare Fund receives funding through contributions from individuals and companies, either through direct donations or by participating in our hospital’s charity events.

The Fund is set up to provide financial assistance for cancer patients and their families who have difficulties in meeting the costs of healthcare treatments. Patients who need financial aid can contact our Medical Social Welfare team for the application. However, for Hospice Care, no application before admission is required.

Continuous support is essential to sustain this program and continue providing hospice care to cancer patients in need.

A clean room with a comfortable and peaceful environment to ensure the best possible quality of life for patients.

Our Clinical Pastoral Carer providing emotional and social support to patient.

Kindly contact us for more information:

04-8923808/ 016-5217054