Being a single-discipline hospital that specialises in cancer, Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital makes it a point to celebrate the resilience and fighting spirit of cancers survivors. We strongly believe that every survivor has the ability to share their experiences to empower and encourage others.

If you wish to submit your story to encourage others, feel free to share or talk to us via or +6048923875, or join our Patient’s Support Group, a team of volunteer survivors with a mission to give moral support to new cancer patients.

Survivor Stories

Support, Cancer & Care

September 28th, 2017|

Support, Care & Cancer Story of Bapak Andre Written & Interviewed by Alexandra Cheah, Community Development Intern, 2017 When we walked into his room for his interview, Bapak Andre [...]

Every Voice Counts

June 16th, 2017|

Every Voice Counts ‘I couldn’t believe that it was me,’ said Rofinus. For a guy who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink and lead a rather healthy lifestyle, Rofinus is sharing the [...]

Miracle Happened at Stage 4

June 16th, 2017|

Miracle Happened at Stage 4 I experienced goosebumps as Tjoe Tjay Huan recounted her cancer-fighting journey to me. This lady, affectionately known as Wanda by her friends and family, [...]

I’m My Own Hero

April 13th, 2017|

I Am My Own Hero From moping over what he had to go through to finally coming to terms with it, like many other cancer patients, Michael has experienced it [...]

The Questionaire

April 13th, 2017|

Survivor's Questionaire ADELAIDE CHONG also did not turn us down when we approached her to answer this questionnaire. Before her bout with cancer, she had also lived life in the [...]

Memoirs of Survivors

April 12th, 2017|

Memoirs of Survivors It was May 1988.That day at Convent Green Lane canteen, a group of lady teachers was discussing breast-self examination. As I was not an expert in this [...]

Survivors are Champions

April 12th, 2017|

Survivors are Champions Survivors are champions, it is true. U will agree Survivors are fighters too. Remember, the cancer journey is not so rough as it may seem. Victoriously, I have [...]

In The Eighties

April 12th, 2017|

In the Eighties In the eighties, there was not much talk of breast self examination and although I heard a faint call for BSE, one night on Wednesday April 19, [...]

Survivor Mari

April 12th, 2017|

Survivor Mari May 2009. Mari felt the lump on her abdomen getting bigger. "I had noticed the lump earlier. There was no pain. I was losing weight and my appetite [...]