As a not profit organization, we welcome not only financial assistance but assistance in other forms, such as volunteer services. Here at Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital, we are blessed to have people from all walks of life contributing their time and effort to meet the various needs of the hospital.

Volunteer Opportunities

Individual Volunteer

Come be our extra support to assist us in our daily tasks such as hospitality, assisting patients on wheelchairs, serving food and refreshments to patients, answering telephones, registration, keying data, administration and liaison personnel, during working hours.

Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital Volunteer Program

Group Volunteer

Your group; your colleagues, friends, family and relatives can come over to spend some meaningful time to assist us with special projects like beautifying and upkeep the hospital, painting and many more of the hospital’s needs.

Volunteer work at Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

Event-based Volunteer

Be our volunteer in our various charity events and programmes such as our Charity Food Fair and Charity Run. Assist us to organize, to fund raise or to promote the programmes. You may join us individually or in group.

Volunteer for charity event

Volunteer with Special Skills

If you have the passion and compassion, and would like to put your special skills to use – come sing to our patients, read to our patients or even bake for our patients. Sign up to support us with your special skills such as designing, photography, writing, videography, flower arrangement, cooking, singing, dancing or emcee skills and any other talents or professions.

Volunteer with special skills