We are thrilled to announce the return of our eagerly anticipated ‘Ho Chiak’ Charity Food Fair, marking the end of a 3-year hiatus caused by the pandemic.

This food fair is a celebration of community with good food and fellowship. We are looking to feature a diverse array of offerings, with a minimum of 80 stalls selling lip-smacking Penang delights, unique international and local cuisines & delicious home-cooked fare.

We hope to raise RM 250,000 for our hospital’s Cancer Welfare Fund to provide financial assistance for cancer patients to help cover their medical bills.

Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated.

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No charges is required for the stall. The only humble request from us is that you donate 100% of the proceeds raised to our Cancer Welfare Fund.

We hope that each stall can help to raise a minimum contribution of RM1,500.

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If you can’t be there on the event day, sponsored food/dry goods can be passed to us to sell on behalf. There is no minimum sponsorship amount.

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– RM50 per set

If you can’t make it for the event, you may consider buying the tickets and donating them to orphanages, old folks home or other NGO organizations. The donation can also be arranged on your behalf. This way, not only will you help us raise funds for the cancer patients, your kind donation will bring smiles to others too.

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– RM50 per set

If you have a network of caring people, you might be a big help in this. We need volunteers to help us to reach out to as many people as possible.

Note: Unsold coupons, however, need to be returned to us two months before the event.

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* Platinum Partner – Donation of RM50,000 & above 

* Gold Partner – Donation of RM25,000 & above (RM25,000 – RM 49,999) 

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Tax-exempt receipt

  • Prominent Brand Visibility – Company logo on event day main banner, event eco bags

  • Invitation to officiate the opening ceremony

  • Mock cheque handover session

  • Exclusive for Platinum Partner: Company logo on all banners of the participating stalls

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In the past 48 years, it is through the support we got from the public that we are able to continue supporting cancer patients. Together, we can make a difference.